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The Hive Dance Company offers a variety of dance & acrobatic classes for all skill levels. Our experienced instructors are passionate about helping each dancer achieve their highest potential, while also having as much fun as possible.


All classes run from September through June to match the standard school year.


Whether you are signing your child up for fun, fitness or their passion for dance, our recreational classes are a great choice.

Specialty Acrobatic Classes

Age  Groups 

MINI          3-4      Bumble Bees  

PETITE      5-6      Honey Bees  

JUNIOR   7-9      Sweat Bees 

INTER       10-13   Worker Bees 

SENIOR   14+       Killer Bees 

Dance Styles


Acro is a combination of dance and gymnastic movements used to portray athleticism and enhance choreography. This dance style develops strength, balance, flexibility and team work. 


At The Hive, we teach the Acrobatic Arts syllabus focusing on safe progression for all ages and levels. Contortion, tumbling, balancing and partnering are all part of this fun filled curriculum!

We also offer specialty Acro classes that focus on each element individually. See more info below.



Ballet is probably the most recognizable type of dance. With it's signature tutus and ballet pointe shoes, ballet is light, airy, and graceful while at the same time requiring great athleticism, and technical abilities.

At The Hive, we train dancers with ballet methods that facilitate strong technical skills and high performance quality. With a heavy emphasis on technical precision, ballet helps dancers to execute their movement with unparalleled aesthetic quality.

Young Ballerinas


Contemporary dance has its roots in ballet, modern and jazz. Our contemporary class will teach the children to trust their gut feelings, to experiment with movement and expression, and to develop their musicality. This class will build the dancers' confidence, creativity and individuality.

Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 6.59.37 PM.png

Hip Hop

Hip hop is for kids who love the beat and are on a constant move and for those who have a passion for dance and culture. Our teachers will be teaching the different movement dynamics of hip hop, honing down footwork and floorwork with drills and practice. 

Hip Hop

Our Jazz classes are progressive. Teachers are diverse, bringing in their own dance and teaching experiences. There will be a solid jazz foundation that will be taught according to the age and progression of the dancers. We believe this curriculum will reflect the past, combine the present trends and techniques and prepare the dancer for the future.


What kid doesn't love to flip? Tumbling is the gymnastics element of Acro where athletes learn how to perform flips, rolls, springs and more! These classes are skill-level specific (Beg, Inter, Adv) and will have students working towards mastering all of the fundamentals skills to properly progress to the next level.




The art of bending (Contortion) is often combined with the skill of balancing. This class will focus on improving flexibility as well as strengthening and stabilizing the body to perform contortion poses safely both on the ground and on handstand canes. 


Contortion & Hand Balancing

Contortion & Handstands

For students who love Acro, Aerial Hoop is a fantastic opportunity to bring your skills to new heights! Combining the strength, flexibility and classic positions of Acro with a fun apparatus to create unique, athletic and beautiful movement in the air.


Aerial Hoop

Aerial Hoop


Competitive & Performance Team

Colony dancers train a minimum of 4 hours/week with a focus on learning choreography to perform at competition. Solo, duet, trio, small group, and large group classes are offered based on an audition process.

Contact us today to book your audition for The Colony!


A brand new program for dancers and gymnasts alike looking to specialize in Acrobatics.

In depth training in Tumbling, Contortion & Hand Balancing in 3 hours or more per week.

Contact us today to audition for AcroBees.



Elite Team & Training Program

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